Dicker Construction

Traditional Bricklaying & Repointing



Repairing faults in buildings can be difficult and sometimes dangerous work, they have to be tackled in the right way. An unstable wall of any size can be hazardous both to the repairer and the public so it is essential you employ an experienced contractor to correct such problems.

Making sure the contractor carries sufficient insurance is also important under such circumstances.

Some faults are structural and in these instances customers are advised to discuss the best solution with a competent surveyor or structural engineer.

If subsidence is suspected the matter should be reported to the insurers of the property, they will usually commission a report prior to undertaking any work. I have experience working for insurance companies although often they pass the work to larger companies with greater resources.

Where insurance companies are not involved in the repair, I can usually offer better value than larger companies without sacrificing quality. Working alone for most of the time I do not have to charge Value Added Tax and this keeps costs down, worth considering if you are paying for the work.