Dicker Construction

Traditional Bricklaying & Repointing

Victorian wall in need of repointing in Eastbourne, Sussex


It is the mortar between the bricks that makes a wall strong and weatherproof but over a period of time the wind and rain take their toll and repointing is necessary.  It is very important that this is done in the correct way.

Brickwork pointing in poor condition allows for the ingress of water causing damp and other damage. The erosion of the pointing on the weather side of a wall can eventually cause a wall to lean making it unstable and dangerous. It is essential that pointing is kept in good condition. The panel of Victorian brickwork shown above is a good example of a lime mortar wall overdue for repointing.

Houses built before 1920 were constructed using a lime mortar and it is important that they are not repointed using sand and cement.  The use of an impervious material for brickwork pointing such as cement is a common cause of damp and other problems that can seriously damage a property reducing its value.

Mixing and applying lime mortar pointing takes skill and experience. Having been working with these materials for over 25 years I have both.